Published Work

(Most recent first)

Puffballs – Cheltenham Literary Festival, Oct 22, Live event
Profile Picture – Flash Fiction February 22, Fictive Dream
The Beautiful Couple – Anti-Heroin Chic
Bluebells, Cockle Shells – Frigg Magazine
The Twister – Frigg Magazine
Boiler Man – Frigg Magazine
Puffballs – Stroud Short Stories
The Leopard Cup – Virtual Zine
Cilla and Carybdis – Reflex Fiction
A Chicken Dinner – Storgy Magazine
Nap of the Cloth – National Flash Fiction Day
Abandoned Dogs – Ellipsis Zine
The Car Park – Potato Soup Journal (Selected for Potato Soup Anthology, 2021)
Creel – Spelk Fiction,
Chameleons – Pithead Chapel
Vanilla – The Cabinet of Heed
Man Down – Fictive Dream
Shrimp – Flash Fiction Festival 2019
Vanishing Man – Lunate
The Last Waltz – Elephants Never
Curdled Paint – Crepe and Penn
A Winter Mooring – Across the Margin
Sea Loch – Fictive Dream
Burning the Stubble – Storgy Magazine
British Wildlife – Third Edition, annotated – Spelk Fiction *Pushcart Prize 2019 Nominated
The Dead Dog Tree – New Flash Fiction Review
Mole Trap – Burningword Literary Journal
Canada – Blake Jones Review *Best Small Fictions 2020 Nominated
Giants, Bending Genres *Chosen by Best Microfiction 2020
Salt & Vinegar Tongues, Spelk Fiction
A Girl like Shirley, Fictive Dream
The Lake, Fictive Dream
A New Face, Cabinet of Heed
Scream without Sound – Ghost Parachute
Done Paris, Spelk Fiction
Holly’s Party, Ellipsis Zine
Rose Petals on the Bed, Fictive Dream *BIFFY 2018-19 Nominated
You’ve Never Lived, Spelk Fiction
Blueberry Muffins, Cabinet of Heed
Signum Crucis, Spelk Fiction
The Night Fisher, Riggwelter
Under the Paint, Fictive Dream
The Waller, The Bangor Literary Review
Hangers On, Cabinet of Heed
Camp Out, Former Cactus
Adagietto for String Section and Solo Harp, Cabinet of Heed
A Gathering of Driftwood, Fictive Dream
Two Fish and One Chips, Cabinet of Heed
Sculpted Bones, Riggwelter and Stroud Short Stories
Canoe, Reflex Fiction

Competition Success


The Orange Tree, Stroud Short Stories, Final 10


Greenhouse Effect – Bath Flash Fiction, Shortlist, Oct 21
Second Date on a Hill Walk – To Hull and Back, Longlist, Sept 21, Stroud Short Stories, Shortlist, Oct 21
A Further Education – Bath Flash Fiction Novella-in-Flash, Longlisted, March 21
Circumstantial – Graffiti Magazine, Highly Commended, Feb 21


Salesman of the Week – Reflex Fiction, Long list, Dec 20
Puffballs – Stroud Short Stories, Top Ten, Nov 20
The Orange Tree – Finalist, London Independent Story Prize, June 20


Queen of the Mermaids, To Hull and Back, Shortlist, Sept 19
Bin Day, Ad Hoc Fiction, Winning Entry, Jul 19
Burning The Stubble, Stroud Short Stories, Top Ten, May 19.


Dragonfly, Poetry Pulse, Poet of the Year 18
Up and Over Bacon Butty, Poetry Pulse, Poet of the Year 18
Fashion in Men’s Footwear – Late 20th Century, Hull and Back (Highly Comm.), Oct 18
Fashion in Men’s Footwear -Late 20th Century, Stroud Short Stories, Top Ten, May 18
A Brief History of Time in our House, Ad Hoc Fiction, Winning Entry, May 18, *Chosen by Best Microfiction 2019
Winter Garden, Ad Hoc Fiction, Winning Entry, Feb 18
The Waller, Ad Hoc Fiction, Jan 18
Plant in Full Sun, Bath Flash Fiction longlisted


A Gathering of Driftwood, *Winning Entry, Farnham Short Story 2017
How would you rate your Overall Experience, Scale of 1-5, Ad Hoc Fiction, Winning Entry, Dec 17
Cactus in the Window, Poetry Pulse, Winner – June 17


Ice Breaks, Poetry Pulse, Winner – Nov 16
Sculpted Bones, Stroud Short Stories, Top Ten, Nov 16
A Kiss of Sorts, Ad Hoc Fiction, Winning Entry, Oct 16
Cold Comfort, Poetry Pulse, Winner – July 16
Death Rattle, Ad Hoc Fiction, Winning Entry, Apr 16


Snow Crow, Ad Hoc Fiction
Voices, An Anthology (University of Gloucestershire, 2021)
Beguiled By A Wild Thing, Reflex Fiction Vol 4
Best of 2020, The Potato Soup Journal
The Bending Genres Anthology 2018-19
Best Microfiction, Pelekinesis 2020
Flash Fiction Festival Three, Ad Hoc Fiction
Best Microfiction, Pelekinesis 2019
Stroud Short Stories, volume 2, Aug 18
Things Left and Found by the Side of the Road, Ad Hoc Fiction
To Hull and Back Short Story Anthology 2018
Barely Casting A Shadow, Reflex Fiction Vol 1
The Slad Brook Chapbook, Nocturnes